The Challenger EMS Abs Trainer gives a concentrated workout to the abdominal region. The training gear is designed to fit on your abs perfectly while the EMS technology works directly on your abdominal muscles.


The Challenger EMS Hips Trainer gives a concentrated workout to your hips. Especially designed for women, the wings fit on your buttocks and the EMS technology works to give fuller hips.


The Challenger EMS Body Trainer gives a concentrated workout for your arms, legs and obliques. The belt has to be strapped around the body part and the EMS works directly on the designated region. This device is specially meant to exercise your biceps, triceps, thighs, calves and obliques.

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More About Challenger EMS Training Gear

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  • 2 Adjustable Modes

    Training Mode strengthens, tones and firms the muscles on the concentrated area. The Massaging Mode contracts and relaxes sore and tired muscles.

  • 15 Intensity Level

    Intensity Level ranges from 1 to 15, 1 being the lowest and 15 being the highest. Using the "+" and "-" buttons, the intensity levels can be changed as desired.

  • 25 Minutes Auto-Run Programme

    The programme progressively increases exercise intensity and muscle contractions in stages as time elapses, automatically stopping when the workout is complete.

  • USB Charging

    To charge the product, plug in the main unit to the given micro-USB charging cable. Connect the cable with an AC/DC adaptor and charge the product.


From Fat To Fab, Get The Perfect Abs!

Challenger EMS Abs Trainer is designed to tone your abs perfectly. Strap it on to your belly and let the electric impluses sculpt six packs. There are two modes, work-out and massage, to give you the maximum utility of the product. The intensity level ranges from 1 to 15 which ensures that you get the desired level of work-out.

  • Works Deeply On Your Abdominal Muscles To Get The Perfect Abs
  • Uses Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology
  • Workout Intensity Ranging From 1 to 15 Levels
  • Switch On The Massage Mode To Relax
  • Use for 25 Minutes Every Day
  • Effortless Process with No Side-Effects
  • Portable, Sleek & Easy to Use
  • Unisex Product
  • Recommended by Mr. Universe 2008, Samir Ghosh
  • Boon For People Who Don’t Want To Go To Gyms
  • For Best Results, Combine It With Work-Out & Balanced Diet
  • Can Be Used In Home, Office Or On The Go
  • Apt for Patients with Cervical Disc And Lumbar Disc Issues



Product Short Description


    Efficiently exercises the abdominal muscles for the perfect abs.


    Efficiently exercises the buttock region for fuller hips.


    Efficiently exercises various body parts like arms, legs and obliques, for the perfect body.



The Challenger EMS Abs Trainer has really helped me get a flat stomach. The advanced technology with rapid vibrations got rid of my belly fat in the short time span of 3 weeks. Very comfortable to work with and very easy to use. I would certainly recommend it to my friends and family members.

The Challenger EMS Abs Trainer is the reason I managed to get back in shape. The ease of the workout combined with the superb technology worked wonders on my abs making them super-toned. It is has made me extremely happy and has made weight loss extremely easy. I would certainly vouch for its ability and credibility as far as fitness is concerned.

The Challenger EMS Abs Trainer has made me reach cloud nine. After using its cutting edge technology, I feel truly blessed with my perfect six packs. This would certainly not have been possible without daily intensive workout coupled with the ease of use. Kudos to Challenger for bringing out this innovative product to take my level of fitness to a much higher level of perfection.

The Challenger EMS Hips Trainer is an awesome product that has helped me get fuller hips. It is extremely easy to use and has brought my hips back to shape. The use of this trainer has accelerated the loss of fat around my hips that showcases its rapid speed. It is certainly a must-have product for women who feel they deserve better.

The Challenger EMS Body Trainer will elevate you to a higher fitness level. It is extremely user-friendly and versatile and can be used on different parts of the body for getting maximum benefits. It loses body fat and improves muscle tone that highlights its effectiveness. You must try out this fantastic product to feel the adrenalin rush.

The Challenger EMS Hips Trainer is truly magnificent when it comes to tone my hips. I lost all my unwanted cellulite in a jiffy. Highly recommended for losing fat quickly!