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Q. Can it be used everyday?

Yes, Challenger EMS training products can be used daily. However, only use once per day per area. Refrain from using more than once in the same area as doing so may result in muscle fatigue. Also, if you sense something abnormal with your skin or body, stop use immediately and consult your doctor.

Q. Can it be used more than once in a day?

No, it is advisable to use Challenger EMS training products once per day per area. Overusing it in the same area may lead to muscle fatigue.

Q. Can I use it in the bathroom?

No, Challenger EMS training products cannot be used in the bathroom due to high humidity.

Q. Can I use it while sleeping, bathing or driving?

No, do not use Challenger EMS training products while doing any of the above.

Q.How do I care for the product?

You may extend the life of the product by briefly wetting the orange adhesive side in cold running water and allowing them to air dry (do not heat). Over-saturation with water will reduce the adhesive properties of the pad.

Q.What level should I use it at?

You should use a weaker level initially. Once you have adjusted with the weak level, you can increase the intensity.

Q. Can I use it after applying body lotion or a cream?

No. You should not use lotion or cream because that reduces the adhesion of the gel sheets and may reduce the stimulation.

Q.Is there any place or condition when I shouldn’t use it?

It should not be used on the head, face etc. or on areas around the heart. Also, do not use if you have any heart problems, seizure, disorder, etc.

Q.Can it be used during pregnancy or immediately after childbirth?

The product should not be used during either of such times.

Q.Will my muscle get sore after using this product?

Your muscles may get sore same as with any kind of training. If the same happens, lower the intensity level of the programme.

Q.When should I buy a new gel pad?

Do not continue using the pad once the adhesive no longer sticks or the pad has become damaged. Ideally, it can be used about 35-45 times.

Q.Where should I store the product?

Avoid storing Challenger EMS training products in hot or humid locations, e.g. vehicles and keep away from direct sunlight.

Q.How should I store the product?

After removing the Challenger EMS training product from your body, always attach it to the white storage sheet and make sure there is no air in between. Do not force press on to the product as it may damage the adhesion power.

Q.Can I use the product near open wounds or heart?

No, it is not advisable to use Challenger EMS training products near open wounds or heart.

Q.How can I increase or decrease the intensity of the programme?

The intensity can be increased or decreased with the +/- buttons on the controller.

Q.How can I change the mode?

The mode can be changed with the M button on the controller.

Q.Can I use any AC/DC adaptor for re-charging?

Yes, any AC/DC adaptor can be used for re-charging.

Q.Where can I get the micro USB charging cable after the one provided gets damaged?

You can buy the same cable from any nearby mobile retail shop, or visit www.spectrumtelecom.com

Q.Is it okay to use any other compatible cable instead of the one provided?

Yes, as long as it is compatible it is okay to use any other cable.

Q.Which payment methods can I use?

COD or Debit Card or any e-wallet.

Q.When will the gel pad be sent out?

The gel pad will come when you place an order on our website.

Q.Do I get a confirmation e-mail after the gel pads have been sent out?

Yes. You will be receiving a confirmation e-mail.

Q.Can I change the shipping address?

Yes. You can log in to the portal and change your personal details.

Q.How many crunches is equivalent to 25 minutes auto-run programme?

A 25-minute auto-run EMS programme is equivalent to you doing 165 crunches.