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The best minds in the field of sports will agree that Electrical Muscle Stimulation or EMS is a valuable tool with numerous benefits and gives the highest level of performance. Therefore, it is important that one realizes the true potential of such technology so that athletes can make big improvements. That is exactly what Challenger does.

Purchasing the device is not enough unless you actually run by the trial and error method. Just the way you would find the suitable exercise to suit your health and body requirement, this technology needs to be fiddled with since manuals might not always teach how the technology works best. Many fitness enthusiasts claim that rather than reading the book self-practice can help find the suitable application for the tool in question. Many also believe that only certified physical therapists can use EMS for athletic development, rehabilitation, and recovery.

However, we, at Challenger, believe that although the thought is true that the certified people understand the progression of such tools, with a little effort, it is easy to master the EMS technology for anyone.

We understand the importance and uses of electrical muscle stimulation as a cosmetic, therapeutic and training tool and through our gamut of fitness products, we like to let our customers know and understand what makes us stand apart. On the go, at the office or at home, the convenience of using it anytime, anywhere can be very helpful to contract and relax sore muscles. Our collection includes Body Trainer, Hips Trainer, and Abs Trainer and considered the most useful options to optimize preparations of athletes as well as people who crave for a fit body but are too caught up in their lives to workout regularly. Although the EMS gives a more effective muscle contraction than any conventional training, a combination of both is advised to gain the best results.

EMS not only helps to restore and enhance the brain and body connections that is disrupted by injury and fatigue but also assess the neuromuscular system by monitoring the amount of current required for muscle contraction. At the same time, it helps to keep the body well maintained and supple when it comes to waste removal, getting a good night’s sleep and oxygen circulation.

Understanding that we live in a fast-paced world, our products are designed for portable use and are convenient. A little bigger than an average smartphone, it is quite a good package and operates on a less sophisticated technology than an average phone. Our products come with tested protocols and programs that have been developed to suit athletes in different sports as well as laymen, wanting a fitter body. Accommodating to the needs of clients, developing unique programs and updating wherever necessary is what we live by.

Our products come recommended by experts and information on how it should be used. With amazing technical specifications and adjustments, things become easy and maintaining a healthy and fit body becomes simple.

  • -15 levels of intensity
  • -Variable frequency
  • -2 adjustable modes for exercising and massage
  • -25-minute auto-run
  • -USB charging

These features make Challenger EMS Training Gear the go-to product for any person, fitness enthusiast, professional athlete, or a layman. We want you to understand and make EMS tool a part of your everyday life so that it helps in keeping your body healthy.

Come, understand, and choose the EMS technology to advance your knowledge, improve development and lead a healthy life to face all challenges.