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Rehab refers to the process of curing or alleviating pain, soreness, or injury. Pain can be caused by any trauma on any part of the body internally or externally. Soreness refers to the fact of having muscle discomfort but is short of pain. Injury is something that impedes normal functioning and needs complete treatment.

Challenger EMS Body Trainer is a path-breaking device that will help you get rid of all these ailments once and for all. The advanced American technology uses electrical stimulations that can provide you with immediate and immense relief from the aches and pains that you suffer during or after a workout, muscle injury. In this way, this device can be a handy tool for all fitness enthusiasts who want their body to recuperate from injuries that need immediate rehabilitation.

How does Challenger EMS Body Trainer help?

  • Helps Reduce Muscle Pain And Soreness
  • Reduces Stress And Fatigue With An Invigorating Massage
  • Excellent for Sports Injuries
  • Reduces Muscle Tension
  • Perfect For Physiotherapy
  • Excellent For Plantar Fasciitis